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Filmmaking has always scared me because of how much planning is required. It's not like street photography where you can succeed by seamlessly immersing yourself or becoming a fly on the wall. I was forever aware that filmmaking required elements like scripts, scenes, thoughtful camera work, lighting, and audio. But I underestimated how hard it would be to wrestle those elements into something as seemingly attainable as a 2 minute short film.


That's why most of what you see above are montage products, relatively simple culminations edited to flow and paired with music. I'm not saying they were easy - I learned gobs about directing, shooting, and editing - but all were more or less unplanned, which made them incredibly fun. Still, I want to dive deeper.

In the future, I hope to explore both narrative and documentary filmmaking, with a goal of blurring those boundaries to tell stories that feel riveting, rigorous, and exceptionally raw.

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