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My name is John Schengber.
I am a brand-builder, writer, and environmentalist. My life goal is to transform America's relationship to the natural world through storytelling, advertising, and diplomacy. 
I send out a newsletter with a poem, 
a picture, and an occasional blog post.
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About me, less as a worker, more as a person
I am either a bad writer or a narcissist who cannot manage to sum myself up in a sentence. 
I am most comfortable barefoot.
I swim a lot and therefore eat a lot. 
I am prone to deep appreciation for trees. 
If I could live anywhere, it would be in a coral reef. 
I am intensely curious, which has made picking a straight and narrow career path very challenging.
I love interviewing people because I love asking questions. 
I love animals because I am one.
I love building brands because I love coming up with a vision and a story to fit needs or opportunities in society.
You couldn’t pay me enough to base my life decisions on how much I am paid. 
I acknowledge my white male privilege.
I don’t believe in absolute truth and quickly turn up my nose at anything that claims such a title.
I grow happier and sadder every day because I believe real happiness requires both joy and sorrow.
I love my family.
There is a robin outside the window.
It is almost spring.
Zodiac Sign
Not a horoscope guy, but I was born the day after baby Jesus. (He always steals my thunder!)
Eye Color
Often red to due to salt water or sun exposure.
Not enough to play football, just enough to fail at flying.
Always struggled with math and never liked roller coasters, anyway.