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I wish I had paid attention during the poetry lectures in high school. I didn't, and I never interacted with the art elsewhere. But my prolonged poetic ignorance made for a charming reintroduction to the art when my friend, Lynne Ventress, gifted me a collection by renowned poet, Billy Collins.

I was besotted with the casual verse of Collins, a form I didn't know was permitted, and I soon yearned to explore the world of poetry in its entirety. That included writing my own material, starting in June 2017.

Though I still feel overwhelmingly inexperienced, I hope to one day publish a collection. Above, I have presented some of my favorite poems thus far, and I have about 30 others ready to share. 

If you want to read more, I would be honored, but you must give me feedback. Send me an email to receive my Book of Poems 2017 - a simple PDF with all that I'm ready to share.

Photo by Lynn Nakamura
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