bare sometimes bloody-footed; editor in chief of Skinny Dipper Magazine;

self-conscious of self-promotion but better than having a boss;

embracing youth and adventure and love,

grappling with the reality that each can foster as much sadness as happiness, which is utterly confusing

and even more beautiful 


a portfolio and blog by John Schengber

Hi folks,

I am an aspiring photographer, poet, and filmmaker who spent twenty minutes wrestling with the inclusion of 'aspiring.' On one hand, I feel new to this - having just left a great, stable corporation to devote my full time to the arts and creative industries. 


On the other hand, having just turned 25, I realize that I have been unintentionally producing art as a way to capture and reflect on the daily life that I find beautiful. Now I want to dive into this world of uncertainty, develop my crafts, and see if I can swim.


This website presents my portfolio of work thus far and allows you to share in my ongoing development. Thanks for following along.

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