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11: The Beautiful Flaws

With film, you never know what you'll get. You know. It's not digital, you can't immediately see the results, when you do it's Christmas morning, blase-blah. There's a higher potential for mistakes. I won't expound. I'll just show you an example.

A couple weekends ago, my friends Paul and Lizzie came down from DC to visit me in Richmond for the first time. Lovely, river, quiet time, group meal. I shot a roll, and I've just gotten it back from the lab this week. I'm going to have to have a word with their tech, because it looks like someone else's photos got scanned on top of mine. They're photos of some public dance festival, a family reunion, a beach with motorboats, girls with black hair and painted faces -- overlaid on top of my friends at the river, reading or asleep on the futon, etcetera. The result is quite interesting, and even though it means I need to take another trip to the lab, it's one of those small things that make film worth all its flaws and cons and humble mess-ups.

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