VCU Health is a hospital and healthcare conglomerate based in Richmond, VA and serves as the medical campus for Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). 

org. evaluation, wireframing, and copywriting

For VCU Health, I worked with the hospital's marketing and communications team to overhaul the digital presence for the Rebab Therapy department. This entailed reviewing a 20-page draft wireframe conducting organizational research to understand the 13 different types of rehab therapy offered at VCU. I was responsible for communicating each offering to prospective website visitors, who, in the case of a hospital, tend to be emotionally distraught relatives or family members looking for a dose of hope. 


Gumenick Suites is an exclusive (and expensive) enclave of VCU Health where patients can pay for a more elegant and private setting. I was responsible for producing  copywriting to communicate the offering as it went under a phase of renovation and rebranding.

biography research and writing

I worked on a case by case basis to produce profiles and biographies for doctors at VCU Health. To do so, I researched the doctors' fields of practice to understand their specialty and articulate how VCU Health might be playing a leading role in the medical community.