Brand Strategy Showcases
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copywriting, workflow evaluation, website wireframing, and leadership interviews


brand positioning, org. structure analysis, web copywriting, biographical research and writing

Creative Nonfiction
When Oysters Float 
Exploring how oyster aquaculture on Tangier Island factors into the community's response to climate change.
Skinny Dipper Magazine, 2018.
Dear Sri Lanka
Travel memoir wrestling with lingering effects of colonialism in Sri Lanka.
Skinny Dipper Magazine, 2018.
Fox Hunt
Personal meditation on the sport of fox hunting​.
Skinny Dipper Magazine, 2018.
Résumé Summary
Community Engagement Manager / Capital Region Land Conservancy
2017 – 2019
Co-founder and Editor / Skinny Dipper Magazine
Freelance Copywriter / Kelley Communications
Fellow / Community Trustbuilding Fellowship
2016 – 2017
Consultant / Deloitte Consulting
2015 – 2016
Business Analyst / Deloitte Consulting